Welcome to CESS

Our office is in the Dutch city of Groningen, but our experts live all over the world. Our mission is to promote transparency, accountability and effectiveness in the field of security.

In our programmes we engage in training and coaching on good governance issues, parliamentary oversight, process management in parliaments and Security Sector Reform (SSR). We provide training (including training of trainers) and develop training material for practitioners in government agencies, parliament, media and civil society. We teach all over Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Watch our 5-minute video or read our SSR brochure for more information.

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CESS in Montenegro


Already in 2014 our associate Bauke Snoep assisted the OSCE Mission Podgorica in setting up a training on Human Rights for Montenegrin Defence personnel with a special focus on International Humanitarian Law (basically the Geneva Conventions). In December 2016 the target group was high ranking officers from the Montenegrin police with a special focus on women in the security sector (the so-called Gender issue).


New Project in Kyrgyz Parliament Commences


CESS has acquired funding to start a new project in Kyrgyzstan to create effective and accountable policy-making and oversight capabilities of the Kyrgyz Parliament by training committee staffers and coaching members of parliament. We will be collaborating with the OSCE Academy, an independent non-profit organization, in Bishkek. This project will run from November 2016-October 2017. 


CESS Movie

CESS The Movie

SSR training: Simulation Exercise

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CESS SSR Courses

At this moment CESS offers the following SSR Courses:

  • SSR Introductory Course
  • SSR Advanced Course
  • Defence Course
  • Law Enforcement Course
  • Intelligence Course
  • Disaster Relief
  • Training of Trainers

CESS SSR Training

Key elements of the CESS SSR training:

  • Interactive
  • 3-5 day courses
  • Simulation exercise
  • Groups of max. 20 participants
  • Experienced trainers
  • Tailor made

See our SSR Training Brochure (PDF).