Training Workshop: The Rule of Law and the Security Sector

Where and when

9-11 May 2012, Elite World Prestige Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey


The state is not only responsible for making, executing and enforcing the law. It is also bound by the law and must by its actions and statements show respect for the law and the rights and freedoms of its citizens.The rule of law enables individuals to hold their state accountable regarding respect for their human rights and helps to manage disputes between individuals.In the security sector, the state has a special responsibility to protect and defend human rights and civil liberties, but runs the risk of violating these rights and liberties. 

The training course will explore these challenges and appropriate responses. Subjects to the discussed will include:

  • The Rule of Law for Governmental Security Sector Personnel

  • Freedom of the Media and the Limits of Transparency

  • Alleged Violation of Rights by Security Sector Personnel


Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector of Turkey


If you have any questions regarding this event please contact CESS.