Training Workshop: Civil Direction of the Military

Where and when

25-27 June 2012, Ankara HiltonSA Hotel, Turkey


Democratic control of the armed forces has two main chapters. Much of the literature deals with the first chapter, which is parliamentary oversight of the defence sector. The second chapter gets less attention: civil direction of the military. This describes the relationship between the politicians responsible for defence, and the leadership of the armed forces. This is the subject of the conference.

The principles of civil direction of the military are clear. In a democracy, the government answers to parliament and the nation for the actions of all state officials, including the military. This will only work if ministers control and lead the security agencies for which they are responsible. It requires certain governmental structures, and a certain type of working relationship between the politicians in charge and the uniformed officials working under them. 

The training sessions will be on the following subjects:

  • Civil Direction of the Military: Policy versus Operations
  • Case Studies of Civil Direction of the Military 
  • The Role of National Parliaments in the Decision-making Process on the Deployment of Troops
  • A Role Playing Game on a Dispute between Government and the Military


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Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector of Turkey


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