Training Course on European and Euro-Atlantic Defence and Security Co-operation: SCG's and BiH's Future Role

Where and when

20-21 October 2006, Belgrade, Serbia


The main question at this Roundtable was how the Western Balkan region, and Serbia in specific, proceed towards integration into the European Union and NATO from a security point of view. Within this theme we accordingly discussed how Serbia shapes and implements its integration policy towards NATO (PfP programme and maybe a Membership Action Plan – MAP) and the European Union (ESDP); the dynamics of the defence and security reform process in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the challenges and prospects in this context; the question whether there are sufficient conditions in place for the Serbian and Bosnian parliaments to hold their respective governments accountable with regard to above-mentioned integration policies (how could transparency and accountability be improved?); how the neighbouring countries reform their security and defence structures with the aim of joining the Euro-Atlantic framework and which lessons might be useful for the Bosnian and Serbian case; and, finally, to what extent regional and bilateral co-operation take shape with regards to defence and security issues.


DRINA: Defence Reform Initiative for Bosnia and Herzegovina / Serbia and Montenegro


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