Training Course on Democratic Governance: Intelligence (Chisinau, Moldova)

Where and when

24-26 May 2007, Vadul-lui-Voda, Moldova


The course on intelligence within the Starlink framework took place in Vadul-lui-Voda, Moldova from 24th to 26th May. Again, our local partners were the European Institute for Political Studies (EIPS), Moldova, in partnership with the Institute for Public Policy (IPP), Moldova. The organization left no room for complaints, thanks to the excellent work of Ana Rudico and her colleagues. The conference venue was the ‘Odiseu’ resort which is located in the countryside near the Dniester river at the Moldovan border to Transnistria. The resort was well equipped and provided a good service. The conference room was fine and met the standards of a Starlink training course. The IPP did a great job in inviting the audience which CESS is aiming for. They accomplished to ensure both a sufficient number of participants for a successful accomplishment of the role-play and excellent expertise. Furthermore, the audience represented a great variety of institutions. This young group of participants was both very eager and ambitious. In the end the participants drew the conclusion that training was useful, efficient and fruitful. Moreover, they recommended that similar trainings should be provided in the future, too.


STARLINK: Security, Transparency, Accountability and Reform: Linking the Security Sectors of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to the European Mainstream


If you have any questions regarding this event please contact CESS.