MPP seminar: Financial Accountability and Budgetary Transparency

Where and when

23 May 2007, Chisinau


The second seminar in Chisinau focused on the role of parliament in financial accountability and budgetary transparency. Probably the most important instrument of a parliament is the ‘power of the purse’. A parliament in a democracy should be well-equipped to scrutinise, judge, review and approve the annual national budget including the defence budget. During this seminar we aim to discuss the main procedures in reviewing defence budgets, both ex ante and ex post. Specific attention was devoted to communication on the budget between the Ministry of Defence and the Parliamentary National Security, Defence and Public Order Committee. We also looked at defence reform in connection with the defence budget. Finally, we devoted particular attention to the role of the government accounting office or chamber of audit, which is an essential mechanism for parliaments in exercising budgetary oversight. In this regard, a special word of thanks goes out to the Swedish National Audit Office, which is working closely with their Moldovan counterparts on reforming the Moldovan audit office. Because of the combined contribution of the Swedish and Moldovan Audit Office, this seminar really addressed the Moldovan reality and the needs and options for reform in this regard.


Moldova Parliamentary Programme: A capacity-building and good governance programme on strengthening legislative oversight of the security sector


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