MPP seminar: Overseeing Implementation of Policy

Where and when

5 December 2007, Chisinau


The topic of December’s seminar was the implementation of defence policy and the role of parliament in overseeing this process. We also stressed the importance of the role of parliament overseeing the implementation of international agreements and discuss the instruments, tools and ways available for doing this in an effective manner. We paid specific attention to the implementation of the Individual Partnership Action Plan Moldova as agreed upon with NATO and the EU – Moldova Action Plan. The relevance of this topic, was illustrated by the fact that during the seminar, the Moldovan Parliament was discussing laws that drafted in the framework of IPAP and the EU-Moldova Action Plan. Furthermore, the Moldovan President was in Brussels at that time to conduct discussions with NATO and the EU. In his meetings he stipulated Moldova’s commitment to closer co-operation.


Moldova Parliamentary Programme: A capacity-building and good governance programme on strengthening legislative oversight of the security sector


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