MPP Seminar: Draft Expert Report and Visit Moldovan Delegation to Netherlands

Where and when

18-21 April 2008, Den Haag


During this seminar the main preliminary conclusions of a first draft of the Expert Report were presented and discussed. The meeting gave ample opportunity to elected representatives to evaluate the project and to contribute to the main conclusions and recommendations. Although CESS and EIPS management will decide on the final recommendations, we took this opportunity to elicit the input of the involved Moldovan Members of Parliament and independent experts. The event took one working day, after which the Moldovan delegation visited relevant institutes in the Netherlands such as the Netherlands Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Court of Audit and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies.


Moldova Parliamentary Programme: A capacity-building and good governance programme on strengthening legislative oversight of the security sector


If you have any questions regarding this event please contact CESS.