Training Course IV: Democratic Governance in the Security Sector (2009)

Where and when

2-4 November 2009, Chisinau, Moldova


From 2-4 November 2009, the fourth and final Training Course in the framework of the Moldova Parliamentary Programme took place in Chisinau. It was the first event CESS organised in Moldova after the elections of July 2009. We were therefore particularly pleased to have newly elected members of Parliaments amongst the participants. Like before, the venue of this training course was the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Chisinau. During the morning session of the first day, CESS-associate Bauke Snoep gave presentations about democratic governance in the security sector, or rather, the ‘security family’ as he prefers to call it. With his usual enthusiasm and interaction with the participants, Bauke managed to start some lively discussions already before lunch. In the afternoon, first Dr. Venelin Georgiev from the Bulgarian Academy of Science in Sofia, went into the technical details of Defence Policy Documents, whereupon Mr. Iurie Pintea concluded the first day by elaborating on the needs and options for parliamentary oversight in the case of Moldova. On day two, we did the role play ‘Purchasing uniforms in Croania’. The two golden rules of democratic governance that had been discussed the day before were clearly not forgotten. Whereas the opposition and media representatives from the fictitious country of Croania kept going on about their right to know, the Croanian Prime-Minister and the Minister of Defence tried their best to reveal, explain, and justify the course of things concerning the purchase of new uniforms for the Croanian armed forces. The third and final day of this training course started with an extensive evaluation of the role play of the day before by Bauke Snoep. After this, CESS programme manager Erik Sportel took the floor with a lecture on parliament and defence, and later on with a brief evaluation of all three days of training. Finally, during the reception following the evaluation, all the participants received their well deserved certificates.


Moldova Parliamentary Programme: A capacity-building and good governance programme on strengthening legislative oversight of the security sector


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