Workshop on Security Studies Teaching for the 21st Century

Where and when

15-16 December 2008, Bilkent Hotel, Ankara, Turkey


CESS and Bilkent University organized this workshop to promote research and teaching programmes on security studies, responding to the changing needs in the domestic and global environment of the 21ste century. The timing for such a workshop was most appropriate as the globe is experiencing a systemic change, diversifying players as well as security challenges. This workshop identified some major security issues from a Western European, a Turkish and a global perspective. Participating academics from diverse backgrounds had the opportunity to share and discuss their understanding of security concerns. Moreover, it helped to initiate a professional network among those scholars in Turkey who research and teach on security studies and it created an interactive platform among academics from various universities and constituted a stepping stone for further discussion and development.


Reforms in Turkish Civil-Military Relations: Measuring Progress and Building Capacities


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