Expert Seminar on Common Norms and Good Practices of Civil-Military Relations in the EU

Where and when

26-27 March 2009, Brussels


The purpose of the seminar was to achieve a better and shared understanding of European policies, practices and standards regarding civil-military relations and their relevance for EU enlargement. The European Union has no authority over its member states in civil-military relations. Nor are civil-military relations part of the acquis communautaire, that is to say the regulations and agreements that states must comply with if they are to join the union. Unfortunately, there is little clarity about European principles, policies and practices in the field of civil-military relations. If each EU state has its own principles, policies and practices, then what is the common standard that serves as a benchmark for accession candidates? What is generally recognised as good policy and good practice? What is essential, and what is merely desirable? How much reform in civil-military relations will the EU regard as satisfactory evidence that a candidate country is in line with European policies and standards? These are the considerations that led to the compilation of the book called Common Norms and Good Practices of Civil-Military Relations in the EU (available for free downloading here: Harmonie Papers) The expert seminar was organised by the European Commission (Institution Building - TAIEX and Turkey Units of DG ELARG) in close co-operation with CESS.


Reforms in Turkish Civil-Military Relations: Measuring Progress and Building Capacities


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