GPP seminar I:Review of defence and security documents

Where and when

8 April 2009, Tbilisi


During this initial seminar we focused on the role of Parliament in reviewing, assessing and evaluating defence-related documents. The main documents under consideration were the National Security Concept of Georgia; the National Military Defence Strategy of Georgia, the Annual Minister’s view; the White Paper; ISAB report, PPBS (Manual Planning, Programming and Budgetary System) and Georgia’s extensive Concept of Military Reform. A few years back Georgia started a process of creating a new legislative framework for defence and security. Naturally, Parliament plays a crucial role in this process. Nonetheless, the expertise to review these drafts in a constructive and critical manner is scarce. During this event we aimed to show that the input of the legislature is not merely a requirement of democracy and Euro-Atlantic integration. It can and should also enhance the practical applicability and indeed the quality of the policy documents discussed. We casted doubt on notions that seek to minimize the role of parliament, such as ‘the government knows best’ or ‘defence is best left to the military.’ They are not conducive to the maturing of Georgia’s democracy. Nor are they consistent with good governance as promoted by the Euro-Atlantic community that Georgia wants to join.


Georgia Parliamentary Programme: a capacity-building and good governance programme


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