Conference on Security Sector Reform in Central Asia

Where and when

24-25 September 2009, Conference Hall, Hotel Kazakhstan, Almaty


After the collapse of the Soviet Union five Central Asian republics gained independence. Together they presented a broad spectrum of security challenges, ranging from ethnic conflicts and disputes over territorial boundaries to endemic corruption and organised crime, illegal trafficking and the proliferation of terrorism and religious extremism from within and from South Asia. At the same time the Central Asian region is vitally important because of its geographical location and proximity to the South Asian region and its failed states. The proliferation of terrorism and trafficking of human beings, drugs and arms are examples of clear and present security threats that will have a direct effect on the Central Asian region and on global affairs if not countered sufficiently. This sheer fact should provide for undivided attention for Central Asia from the international community. A concerted effort by the greater Central Asian region, with assistance of international donors and stakeholders is necessary to improve stability and the capacity of states in the region to deal with threats. During this seminar we would like to ask ourselves questions like: 1) Which measures do the five Central Asian states take individually to counter the threats outlined above? 2) Which countries in the region are engaged in a process of security-sector reform (SSR)? And what is their level of commitment in this regard? 3) What are the obstacles and challenges of SSR in the region? 4) What are the alternatives to western-style SSR processes in the Central Asian region? 5) How do prominent international organisations like NATO, CSTO, SCO and EU deal with security challenges in the Central Asian region? 6) Which prospects for cooperation could be identified when considering the entire region? Is there potential for a common strategy or concept?


Starlink Kazakhstan: Building Capacity for Democratic Governance in the Security Sector


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