Harmonie Paper Launch and Conference on Changing Civil-Military Relations

Where and when

26-27 October 2009, Istanbul


‘Civil-military relations in Turkey have been witnessing a dramatic change’, according to Ali Karaosmanoğlu of Bilkent University at the launching of the newest CESS Harmonie Paper on 26 October in Istanbul. In an article published in Hurriyet Karaosmanoğlu stated that recent changes in the civil-military relations have little to do with Turkey’s accession to the EU, but are part of a pragmatic process. The need for a professional army is not disputed, as was said by CESS director Peter Volten, but the question that remains is how to further align civil-military relations with EU standards. Both statements were made during a two-day conference, in cooperation with the Istanbul Policy Centre, about recent changes in civil-military relations in Turkey.


Reforms in Turkish Civil-Military Relations: Measuring Progress and Building Capacities


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