GPP seminar IV: Implementation of Policy

Where and when

16 December 2009, The Parliament of the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi


‘Who watches the watchers?’ This old Roman saying started the fourth seminar of the Georgia Parliamentary Programme on December 16. Set in the Parliament of Georgia, the highly attended event focussed on the role of parliament in overseeing the implementation of reform in the security sector. The keynote speech from Mr. Irakli Kavtaradze, MP for Georgia, stressed that ‘democracy is not just a right. It also implies responsibilities.’ As the seminar dealt with experience sharing, Mr. Egidijus Vareikis, MP for Lithuania, talked about the challenges Lithuania had faced when it was in a comparable situation. He elaborated on the obstacles in establishing oversight concerning the implementation of reform and the role of NGO’s in this process. CESS director Peter Volten emphasized the quality of democracy in establishing parliamentary oversight over the security sector: ‘It is also about the informal aspects.’ Thanks to the active participation of the Georgian MP’s and staff members, the event was a major success and very promising for the fifth seminar of the Georgia Parliamentary Programme, which is to be held in April 2010.


Georgia Parliamentary Programme: a capacity-building and good governance programme


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