Regional Conference on NATO Integration in SEE: Developing a Common Transatlantic Vision and Future Perspectives

Where and when

31 May – 1 June 2010, Bitola, Macedonia


The Director of CESS, Peter Volten was invited to speak at this high-level event in Bitola, which was hosted by RACVIAC and NATO. The Regional Conference highlighted the importance of NATO integration of the SEE and emphasized the need for the development of a common transatlantic vision, with a view at the future perspectives for the SEE. Peter Volten gave a presentation about the NATO credentials of the Western Balkan countries. He gave an overview of the readiness of the different SEE countries for NATO membership and mentioned the challenges and pitfalls the countries could encounter in the process. This Regional Conference on NATO Integration in SEE was the first high-level event of this kind in the defence area held in Macedonia. It served as an excellent opportunity to promote a dialogue on regional and international cooperation on security matters.


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