Interactive Seminar: Financial Accountability and Budgetary Transparency of the Defence Sector

Where and when

14-16 December 2010, Bilkent Hotel, Ankara


In democracies parliament determines how much public money the state may spend and in what way. It is well-equipped to scrutinise, judge, review and approve the annual national budget, including the defence budget. This so-called ‘power of the purse’ is probably the most important instrument of the legislature. It is not wielded only by parliament, but also by specialised oversight bodies like the Court of Accounts. Exercising oversight of the budget is a challenge to the determination and the expertise of parliamentarians and controllers.

During this seminar we aim to discuss the main procedures in reviewing defence budgets, both ex ante and ex post. Here specific attention will be devoted to communication on the budget between the government and the Parliamentary Defence and Security Committee. We will also look at defence reform in connection with the defence budget.  Finally, we plan to devote particular attention to the role of the Court of Accounts, which we regard as an essential mechanism for exercising budgetary oversight.

In all sessions we will have speakers, instructors and resource persons from both Turkey and EU countries. Throughout the next three days we want to share experiences and draw lessons learned from both Turkey and EU countries. The seminar is specifically not a platform for imposing a ‘best’ model for exercising oversight of the defence budget. Learning from each other in a productive fashion is our main goal. We are aiming for free and open discussions. Instead of making speeches or prepared presentations, participants are encouraged to contribute actively and frankly to the exploration of the questions mentioned above.


Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector of Turkey


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