High Level Meeting: the Rule of Law and the Security Sector

Where and when

22 March 2011, Richmond Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey


The state is not only responsible for making, executing and enforcing the law. It is also bound by the law and must by its actions and statements show respect for the law and the rights and freedoms of its citizens.The rule of law enables individuals to hold their state to account for respecting their human rights and helps to manage disputes between individuals.In the security sector, the state has a special responsibility to protect and defend human rights and civil liberties, but runs the risk of violating these rights and liberties. The successful integration of security sector reform and the rule of law provides for a predictable business environment that helps to protect property and livelihood, thus contributing to sustainable development. A lack of professionalism in the security sector, militarisation of the state or high corruption levels as opposed to the rule of law, undermines sustainable development.

During the first session of this seminar we aim to elaborate onHuman Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for Governmental Security Officials. Here an overview will be given of the international organisations that formulate treaties and charters dealing with human rights and fundamental freedoms. It will show why these treaties and charters are fundamental for the protection of both citizens and security officials. In the second session we will consider theAccountability of Private Security Companies. The mandate and the level of accountability of PSC’s opposed to state security forces will form the central part of this session. In the third session we plan to deal with Judicial Oversight and Guidance of the Security Sector. The judiciary’s core tasks in relation to the security sector are to judge whether its actions conform to the constitution and relevant legislation, and whether they breach human rights. The importance of an objective and independent judicial sector and the raison d'être of this significance will be underscored in this session.

Today we aim to share experiences and draw lessons learned. This high-level seminar is specifically not a platform for imposing a ‘best’ model, if there is something like that in the first place. Learning from each other in a productive fashion is our main goal. We are aiming for free and open discussions. Participants are encouraged to contribute actively and frankly.


Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector of Turkey


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