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Oh dear! The Minister of Defence has disappeared, just before he was to be questioned by a Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry. The Parliamentarians are angry about his decision to order army unforms without public tender. These uniforms were purchased from a friend, at a high price, and their quality is far from satisfactory. The air is full of accusations of corruption. Welcome to Croania, a fictitious post-Soviet republic somewhere south of Russia. A new video commissioned by CESS shows trainees engaged in a simulation exercise. These games are the high point of our SSR training courses.


Security Sector Reform is one of the main themes in our current programmes. CESS has developed interactive training modules addressing specific needs of professionals working in the security sector, parliament, media and civil society. One of the key elements in the training is a simulation exercise.

CESS designs and delivers tailor made SSR training programmes (as well training of trainers) for target groups varying from civil servants of the European Union or Africa to parliamentary staff in Kazakhstan.

Watch this 5-minute  video to see a simulation game in action.


Two/three times a year CESS publishes a newsletter about security issues and commentaries.

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February 2013

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