Listed below are the partners on several of our past and current programmes:

Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector of Turkey
ARI Movement

Bilkent University

Istanbul Policy Center (IPC)

Georgia Parliamentary Programme: a capacity-building and good governance programme
Center for European Intergration Studies (CEIS)

Border Management in Tajikistan
OSCE Office in Tajikistan
IOM office in Tajikistan
American Bar Association's Rule of Law Initiative in Tajikistan

RACVIAC, Centre for Security Co-opeation, Croatia

Starlink Kazakhstan
The International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law in Almaty

The Civil Alliance in Astana

Governance and the Military: Perspectives for Change in Turkey
Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies (ASAM)
Istanbul Policy Center (IPC)

NOSTRUM Partners
Institute for Public Policy (IPP)

Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Studies (UCEPS)

European Institute for Risk, Security and Communication Management (EURISC)

Institute for Security and International Studies (ISIS)

UNESCO Chair for Human Rights Education

DEMCON-SEE will provide workshops for parliamentarians and their staffers in seven South-East European countries. We have established co-operation with partner organisations in all of them.
Centre on Parliamentary Studies (CPS)

Centre for Security Studies (CSS)

Institute for International and Security Studies (ISIS)

Institute for International Relations (IMO)

Belgrade Centre for European Integration (BeCEI)

Center for Regional and Security Studies (CERS)
nstitute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research (ISPPI)
European Institute for Risk, Security and Communication Management (EURISC)

Atlantic Council