Post-Legislative Scrutiny: enhancing ex-post parliamentary scrutiny of legislation in the Republic of Moldova
(September 2015 - ongoing)

Strengthening Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector in Kyrgyzstan
(November 2016 - ongoing )

Professionalism, Integrity, and Ethics in the Macedonian Assembly
(March 2016 - ongoing)

The EUCAM Initiative
(2016 - ongoing)

Today, democratic principles are more and more widely acknowledged, even in the security sector. The work of our centre has changed accordingly. In our first 10 years, we explained and advocated the idea of democratic governance in the defence sector. Then we gradually shifted to building capacity. Now our chief concern is to help in young democracies push through democratic reforms that their governments have embraced.

Some of our programmes aim to support democratic governance and Euro-Atlantic integration across a wide scope of policy areas. In Turkey, we dealt with issues of good governance in the security sector, while in Moldova, we were training policy officials on negotiations with the EU. Both these activities are intended to help accession to the union. Other programmes aim to help parliaments improve their role in overseeing government's policies.

Another big strand of our work is the development and delivery of training programmes on Security Sector Reform. We have been doing this in five countries of Eastern Europe and the Caucaus and in Kazakhstan. The idea was not merely to help practitioners face the challenges of SSR, but also to train local instructors. For this purpose, we provided them with teaching packages and training for trainers.

Since a few years we have also been active within parliaments in countries such as Macedonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova, where the aim in general is to train parliamentary staffers in improving their skills, tools and techniques so they are better able to support their MPs in committee work.