Greenwood Papers

Greenwood Papers were formerly called Harmonie Papers.

28 Promoting Good Governance in the Security Sector: Principles and Challenges (Mert Kayhan & Merijn Hartog, editors)

27 Strengthening Oversight of the Security Sector (Erik Sportel and Vasili Tchkoidze, editors)

26 NATO's Retirement? Essays in Honour of Peter Volten (Margriet Drent, Arjan van den Assem, Jaap de Wilde, editors)

25 Security Sector Reform in Central Asia: Exploring Needs and Possibilities (Merijn Hartog, editor)

24 SSR in the Republic of Moldova: Strengthening Oversight of the Security Sector (Editors: Erik Sportel and Sami Faltas)

23 Perceptions and misperceptions in the EU and Turkey: Stumbling blocks on the road to accession (Peter M.E. Volten, editor)

22 Peace support operations: The past and the future. Papers of the Ankara Seminar (Editors: Ritske Bloemendaal and Kars de Bruijne)

21 Common Norms and Good Practices of Civil-Military Relations in the EU (Editors: Anne Aldis and Margriet Drent)

20 UKRAINE AND NATO: The Policy and Practice of Co-operating with the Euro-Atlantic Security Community (Nienke de Deugd)

19 Governance and the Military: Perspectives for Change in Turkey (Sami Faltas and Sander Jansen, editors)

18 The Western Balkan Candidates for NATO Membership and Partnership (Staff of CESS; David Greenwood (editor))

17 Security-Sector Reform and Transparency-Building. Needs and Options for Ukraine and Moldova (David Greenwood, Peter Volten and others)

16 Security and Defence in South-Eastern Europe. The ESCADA Report (Staff of the Centre for European Security Studies)

15 Organising National Defences for NATO Membership. The Unexamined Dimension of Aspirants' Readiness for Entry (Staff of the Centre for European Security Studies)

14 Towards Shared Security: 7-Nation Perspectives (Staff of the Centre for European Security Studies)

13 Slovenian Security Policy and NATO (Marjan Malesic)

12 Security Diplomacy, Policy-Making and Planning in Post-Cold War Prague (Karel Tesar)

11 Political Culture and Civil-Military Relations in Slovakia (Silvia Mihalikova)

10 Romania's Engagement in Subregional Co-operation and the National Strategy for NATO Accession (Adina Stefan)

9 Bulgarian Security Policy: Alternatives and Choice (Tsvetan Tsvetkov)

8 The Regional Dimension in Latvian Security Policy (Zaneta Ozolina)

7 Educating Slovakia's Senior Officers (Otto Doornbos)

6 Civil-Military Relations and Defence Budgeting in Bulgaria (Dimitar Dimitrov)

5 Romania's Civil-Military Transition: Democratising Civilian Control (Adriana Stanescu)

4 One Past, Two Futures?: The NATO Enlargement Debate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Stefan Sarvas)

3 Albanian Army and Regime Changes (Halit Daci)

2 Civil Military Relations in Hungary 1989-1996 (Zoltan Pecze)

1 Civil-Military Relations in Ukraine: A System Emerging from Chaos (Anatoly Grytsenko)

Special Issue Governance Structures in Central and Eastern Europe (Herman Hoen and others)

Special Issue Minorities in East and Central Europe and their Impact upon Foreign Policy (Ivanka Nedeva and Joost Herman, eds.)

David Greenwood

David Greenwood

Resting his fists on the lectern, David Greenwood would fix his audience with a glare and pronounce: "REVEAL, EXPLAIN AND JUSTIFY." It was his golden rule of democratic governance.

David Greenwood was born in England in 1937 and died in 2009 in Scotland. He first worked for the British Ministry of Defence, then went on to teach political economy at Aberdeen University, where he later became the director of the Centre for Defence Studies. In 1997, he joined the Centre for European Security Studies in the Netherlands as its Research Director. For 10 years, he was the principal researcher and teacher at CESS, and a friend and mentor to his colleagues.

To borrow a phrase of his own, David Greenwood was a construction worker on the building site of democracy.

This series of research reports, formerly called the Harmonie Papers, is affectionately dedicated to him.

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