Greenwood Paper Special Issue

Albanian Army and Regime Changes

Halit Daci
88 pages, ISBN 90-76301-03-4 (9 1998)

Albania has been going through a difficult transition. Crises caused by foreign interventions, internal instability, insurgent movements - and the latest Kosovo crisis - have dominated the political scene. The stalemate among the political parties, the bankruptcy of the pyramid investment schemes and the armed rebellion were a heavy setback to transition processes in the country, with long-term consequences in hindering the rebuilding of strong and viable democratic institutions. Halit Daci, who was a serving officer in the Albanian Army, offers a profound insight into Albania's problems from a military and historical perspective. He analyses developments both before and since the unrest in 1997, which resulted in the collapse of authority in Albania and the wholesale looting of weapons and ammunition stores. He ascribes responsibility for the national chaos to the raw animosities of the state's domestic politics and alarming ambiguities about where the military's loyalties should lie. Daci's analysis elucidates the extremely complex political-military aspects of the experience of regime changes and the impact of the social and political crisis on the military.

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