Greenwood Paper Special Issue

Minorities in East and Central Europe and their Impact upon Foreign Policy

Ivanka Nedeva and Joost Herman, eds.
117 pages, ISBN 90-76301-05-0 (11 1998)

It is timely to have good material on different aspects of inter-ethnic relations in Central and Eastern Europe, since much of what was understood about the region during the Cold War is now of dubious value. The sections of this special issue are written by Central and Eastern European experts in ethnic and security studies in their own countries (Petja Nitzova and Vassil Prodanov from Bulgaria, Ivan Gabal from the Czech Republic, Pal Dunay from Hungary, Wanda Jarzabek from Poland, and Milan Olejnik and Sonja Gabzdilova from Slovakia). The first part of each country chapter is introductory while the second part is focused on core questions, such as: what is the impact of ethnic and minority issues on foreign policy formation; what are their role and influence; what is their relative weight in the process of foreign policy decision-making? The authors also analyse the attitude of different governments and political parties toward ethnic issues in connection with their wish to join Western international organisations. Obviously, contributors are concerned with the modes of foreign policy formation in their own countries seen through the prism of local historical, ethnic and geopolitical conditions. Thus although the structure of the chapters is more or less identical, they differ substantially because of the diverse background and training of the authors.

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