Greenwood Paper Special Issue

Security Diplomacy, Policy-Making and Planning in Post-Cold War Prague

Karel Tesar
73 pages, ISBN 90 76301 13 1 (5 2000)

How Czechoslovak and Czech Security Policy evolved in the 1990s, from early enthusiasm for pan-European structures to later concentration on gaining early accession to NATO is recorded by Karel Tesar. His account of the different stages in Czech security policy development lays the foundation for remarks on the future of the country. The decision of the 1997 Madrid Summit to invite the Czechs to begin their accession process was made rather on political grounds than on military and societal preparedness. Even following the accession much remains to be done in the fields of military restructuring and security-related legislation. Tesar gives the reader a set of outlines on actions still to be taken by the Czech Republic. These cover: Czech foreign policy in the security field, NATO and EU-membership, the situation of the Czech armed forces; and the Czech role within the new international security system.

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Security Diplomacy, Policy-Making and Planning in Post-Cold War Prague

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