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DIOS Armenia

DIOS Armenia

The ‘Developing Inclusive Oversight of Security’ (DIOS) project in Armenia runs from December 2021 to December 2023 and is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project seeks to contribute to a more inclusive process of governance whereby the Armenian Parliament is at the centre of democratic oversight of security.

The project, that will be implemented together with the Armenian Parliament and local civil society actors, consists of a research and capacity-building component. Over the course of the project policy-oriented research is developed through assessment and policy labs with local stakeholders. Capacity-building is foreseen through a series of targeted training courses for parliamentary staff as well as other oversight actors, including representatives of civil society.

DECOS Balkans

The ‘Developing Capacity, Cooperation and Culture in Overseeing the Security Sectors of Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia (DECOS)

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BOS Ukraine

The ‘Bolstering Oversight of the Security Sector in Ukraine: Developing Relations and Capacity of Independent Oversight Actors’

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Merijn Hartog
Merijn HartogDirector
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EUCAM Central Asia

Monitoring the implementation of the EU-Central Asia strategy of 2007. It developed into the ‘go-to’ knowledge hub on Europe-Central Asia.

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