Greenwood Paper Special Issue

Civil-Military Relations and Defence Budgeting in Bulgaria

Dimitar Dimitrov
71 pages, ISBN 90-76301-07-7 (5 1999)

Dimitrov critically examines the issues of institutional arrangements for resource allocation and resources management in a new democracy and analyses the Bulgarian experience. He elucidates budgeting for defence as one aspect of evolving military civil-military relations in Bulgaria. The paper covers Bulgaria's transition period - from 1989 to 1997 - and describes the fully relationship between civilian authorities and the defence organisation. After assessing current arrangements and identifying problems, Dimitrov offers an Agenda for Change. In order to establish relevant and appropriate models of resource allocation to and within defence, he discusses reform priorities: co-ordination at a national level, fixed time procedures, a 'programme' organisation of the defence budget, and defence publications. A blueprint for restructuring the armed forces was unveiled in April 1999 which meets some, but not all, of Dimitrov's criticisms. However, more could be done improve defence planning, programming and budgeting.

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Civil-Military Relations and Defence Budgeting in Bulgaria

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